addiClick Short Rocket Interchangeable Needle Set

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Have the right size needle at your fingertips for your next project with an interchangeable needle set.  Interchangeable needles offer the greatest value vs. fixed circular needles, as one needle tip works on a variety of cord lengths.  Addi needles have a patented click-in tip that will never come undone while knitting.  Addi needles have been made by hand in Germany for over 190 years in the town of Altena.

The addiClick Rocket needles feature extra-pointy, brass plated tips & a slick finish for smooth knitting.  The perfect point & polished surface is ideal for hours of knitting pleasure.  To change tips, simply insert the cord into the tip end, then twist & release.  The needle has a locking mechanism that will keep the tips securely in place, as well as snag-free joins.  Addi blue nylon cords are pliable to be easy to knit with & allow for a lifeline to be inserted as you knit.

Set includes eight sets of interchangeable tips (3.5” length) in size US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (3.5-8mm), one 16” cord, one 20” cord, one 24” cord, one 32” cord, one 40” cord, one Click Connector to store stitches or combine cords, one addiGrip to make changing tips even easier, addi needle gauge, premium dark brown storage case with multi-snap closure.

*Needle Buying Tip- shorter length interchangeable needles are handy for smaller circumference knitting such as hats, but have great versatility as they can be used for larger in-the-round circumferences or simply knitting flat.

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