Advanced Fixing Knitting Mistakes Workshop, Saturday, February 22; 9:00-11:00AM

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More advanced stitch patterns such as lace & cables are fun to knit, but mistakes can be difficult to fix.  Our advanced fixing mistakes workshop is here to help!  Learn how to identify, approach, & fix more complicated knitting mistakes.  Leave this illuminating workshop feeling empowered & more confident to tackle a wider range of knit stitches/patterns.

Class Level/Pre-requisites:

Students should be comfortable fixing basic mistakes in garter stitch, stockinette and ribbing including tinking back, dropping down multiple rows, fixing split and twisted stitches and recognizing basic stitch patterns.  We will focus on mistakes in lace, circular knitting and cable patterns.  

Materials Needed: 

Students will receive an email prior to class with any swatching instructions.  We recommend having repair hooks, tapestry needles and locking stitch markers as well.  Students are also encouraged to bring any WIP (works in progress) they need help fixing.


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