Feature Pattern of the Week - Stone Wool

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Feature Pattern of the Week - Stone Wool

Clockwise from top left: Ishii Cardigan, Luzerne Hat, Nixa Pullover,
Ural Shawl, all designed by Whitney Hayward
Stone Wool Corriedale, Cormo & Romney + Merino

Based in Maine, Stone Wool is known for beautiful breed specific yarns that are sourced, spun & dyed in the United States. The richly hued yarns are made in small batches & each yarn is designed to showcase the unique characteristics of each sheep breed. Garments & accessories knit with Stone Wool are heritage pieces that can be passed down through generations. Each skein feels like a connection to the earth & the deep heritage of knitting.

The patterns for Stone Wool are as stunning as the yarn. All 5 of the Stone Wool yarns have wonderful stitch definition & lend themselves to cables, textured stitches & colorwork.

Some of our favorite patterns from the collection are the Ishii Cardigan, Luzerne Hat, Nixa Pullover & Ural Shawl by talented knitwear designer Whitney Hayward.

The Ishii Cardigan is a comfy, cozy, textured cardigan that will become an everyday favorite piece...and it has pockets!!! The Ishii is knit with Stone Wool Corriedale, an Aran weight yarn spun from 100% Corriedale wool, which is a cross breed of fine wool Merino & longwool Lincoln sheep.

The Luzerne Hat is a simple, yet beautiful colorwork hat inspired by gently swaying fields of long grasses. The hat is knit in Stone Wool Cormo, a springy worsted weight yarn that blooms beautifully when blocked. Spun from 100% Cormo wool sourced from Wyoming & Montana, this yarn is spun with a unique process that marries the airy loft of a woolen spun yarn with the strength of a worsted spun yarn.

The Nixa Pullover is a colorwork round yoke pullover that is a classic, yet modern piece for every wardrobe. The Nixa is knit with Stone Wool Cormo, a wonderful choice for colorwork projects.

Finally, the Ural Shawl is a wonderful all season wrap knit in Stone Wool Romney + Merino. The beauty of the wool really shines through in each skein of this heritage wool.

We invite you to visit our store to experience each of these special breed specific wools or shop this special collection online.

Happy Knitting!

The Wool & Co. Team

Odetta Shawl by Leila Raven
Stone Wool Cheviot

Kuura Scarf by Sari Nordlund
Stone Wool Corriedale

Perpetua Cowl by Ruth Nguyen
Stone Wool Corriedale

Romney Hat by Leila Raven
Stone Wool Romney + Merino