Lang Yarns Mohair 21

Named for the 21-micron softness of the yarn, Mohair 21 is a luxurious & sophisticated blend of superkid mohair & silk.  Traditionally only found in haute couture, Lang Yarns has made this special fiber available for hand knitting.  The gorgeous halo & soft sheen of the yarn makes it a lovely choice for elevated sweaters, cardigans & special accessories.

The light, airy lace weight may be knit alone for floaty wraps & scarves, held double for a more substantial fabric or held with a favorite yarn to add softness, glow and/or gauge.

The curated palette of confectionary hues has a color for every project.

Trace the farm of origin by scanning the QR code on the ball band. The mohair fibers used in Mohair 21 are certified RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard), which guarantees the welfare of the goats, sustainable land management and fair and safe working conditions from farm to finished product.

Fiber Content: 58% Superkid Mohair, 42% Silk

Weight: Lace

Yardage: 410 yards

Ball/Skein Weight: 25g

Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry

Country of Origin: Italy

Needle Size: US 1.5-2.5 (2.5-3 mm) needle

Knitting Stitch Gauge: 7.25 stitches per 1”/ 29 stitches per 4”

Knitting Row Gauge: 43 rows per 4”

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