We believe in the way knitting can restore calm, create community, & help us to reconnect with ourselves and nature. The Wool & Co. Team is delighted to share our ideas & inspiration with you. Enjoy!

Image of Dorset Hat

Dorset Hat

Image of Fade Scarf

Fade Scarf

Image of Lugano Cowl

Lugano Cowl

Image of Dapple


Image of Purl Strings

Purl Strings

Image of Bonneville Wrap

Bonneville Wrap

Image of Spathe


Image of The Weekender Light

The Weekender Light

Image of Shibui Virtual Trunk Show

Shibui Virtual Trunk Show

Image of Apiculture Hat

Apiculture Hat

Image of Jemison


Image of Henny Shawl

Henny Shawl

Image of Jutland Hat

Jutland Hat

Image of Step Up

Step Up

Image of Bubblie


Image of Maquette


Image of Breathe and Hope

Breathe and Hope

Image of Flume


Image of Blue Skies Ahead

Blue Skies Ahead

Image of Pebble Tunic

Pebble Tunic

Image of Crescent Shawl

Crescent Shawl

Image of Quince & Co.

Quince & Co.

Image of Rubia


Image of Black Cat Fibers Nomad Sock

Knit in Color: Nomad Sock

Image of Gramps


Image of Umbra


Image of Leading Men Pop-Up Shop

Leading Men Pop-Up Shop

Image of Glymur


Image of Shibui Yarns On Sale

Shibui Yarns On Sale!

Image of Mad Tosh

Mad Tosh!

Image of Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles

Hedgehog Skinny Singles have just arrived!

Image of Hipster Cowl

Hipster Cowl

Image of Rainier


Image of Applegate


Image of Moon


Image of Ikigai


Image of Winslow

New Knitting Kits

Image of Cardigans


Image of Antonia Shawl

Antonia Shawl

Image of February Hat

February Hat

Image of Sasha Wrap

Sasha Wrap

Image of Yana Journeys

Yana Journeys

Image of Tamitik


Image of Mīlēt


Image of Why Wait?

Why Wait?

Image of Lingmoor


Image of Amano


Image of Winwick Mum Sock Yarn Collection

Winwick Mum Sock Yarn Collection

Image of Shibui Open House Saturday 11/9

Shibui Open House Saturday 11/9

Image of Knitted Knockers Thank You

Knitted Knockers Thank You

Image of Medley


Image of NaKniSweMo!


Image of Dusk Hat & Dawn Scarf

Dusk Hat & Dawn Scarf

Image of Special Guest Appearance: Julie Hoover

Special Guest Appearance: Julie Hoover

Image of Brenna


Image of Limited Release Brooklyn Tweed Yarn

Limited Release Brooklyn Tweed Yarn

Image of Lillian Poncho & Mittens

Lillian Poncho & Mittens

Image of Julie Hoover Sweater Club

Julie Hoover Sweater Club

Image of 21 Color Scarf

21 Color Scarf

Image of New Malabrigo Sock Colors

New Malabrigo Sock Colors

Image of Love Autumn Cowl & Mitts

Love Autumn Cowl & Mitts

Image of Brooklyn Tweed Fall 19 Collection

Brooklyn Tweed Fall 19 Collection

Image of Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest

Image of Lorna's Laces Trunk Show

Lorna's Laces Trunk Show

Image of Houndstooth Slouch

Houndstooth Slouch

Image of Barton


Image of Quench


Image of Crosslake Cowl

Crosslake Cowl

Image of Copenhagen Calling

Copenhagen Calling

Image of Summer of Malabrigo

Summer of Malabrigo

Image of Pebbles Pullover

Pebbles Pullover

Image of Margo Poncho

Margo Poncho

Image of Summit Valley Cowl

Summit Valley Cowl

Image of Chicago Yarn Crawl 2019

Chicago Yarn Crawl 2019

Image of Waverly Wrap

Waverly Wrap

Image of Brew City Halloween MKAL

Brew City Halloween MKAL

Image of Ronin


Image of WYS Fairy Lights Sock Kit

WYS Fairy Lights Sock Kit

Image of Moon River

Moon River

Image of Ashby Tee

Ashby Tee

Image of Leading Men Fibers Trunk Show 6/29/19

Leading Men Fibers Trunk Show 6/29/19

Image of Daybreak


Image of Opal


Image of Wool People 13

Wool People 13

Image of Hand-Dye Workshop

Hand-Dye Workshop

Image of Kagerou


Image of Shibui Limited Edition Colors

Shibui Limited Edition Colors

Image of Yarn Crawl Bag & Pin Pre-Order

Yarn Crawl Bag & Pin Pre-Order

Image of Signature Needles

Signature Needles

Image of Nightshift


Image of Birds & Ships

Birds & Ships

Image of Right Around the Corner

Right Around the Corner

Image of Malabrigo Susurro

Malabrigo Susurro

Image of Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers

Image of Introducing the Fyberspates Collection

Introducing the Fyberspates Collection

Image of Soldotna Crop

Soldotna Crop

Image of Rios Living Coral

Rios Living Coral

Image of Rowan Precious Knits

Rowan Precious Knits

Image of Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking

Image of Arga


Image of Suburban Stitcher Trunk Show

Suburban Stitcher Trunk Show

Image of Skipp


Image of Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

Image of Farmers Daughter

Farmers Daughter

Image of Minetta


Image of Shadow Capelet

Shadow Capelet

Image of New Blue Sky Fibers Kits!

New Blue Sky Fibers Kits!

Image of Mitchell


Image of Buffalo Plaid Hat

Buffalo Plaid Hat

Image of A Nice Ribbed Sock

A Nice Ribbed Sock

Image of Spectrum


Image of Barnstable


Image of Oakham


Image of Netherfield Hat

Netherfield Hat

Image of Baseline


Image of Cowboys and Angels

Cowboys and Angels

Image of Cloudberry


Image of Winter Luxe Hat

Winter Luxe Hat

Image of Widdybank Mittens

Widdybank Mittens